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About us

„MB“ Company was founded in 2002, as a small, family company for manufacturing and sales of wafer sheets. Our company has grown and developed, and today we have a wide range of products which make us recognisable and competitive on both domestic and international market.


Our product portfolio includes:

  1. Wafer sheets, large in cellophane packaging, 1/20, 200 g (5 sheets)
  2. Wafer sheets, small in cellophane packaging, 100 g (5 sheets)
  3. Wafer sheets, large in paper packaging, 1/20, 200 g (5 sheets)
  4. Wafer sheets, bulk (for further production of bars and lokum in wafers)
  5. Wafer sheets, bulk (for further production of cream wafers)
  6. Wafer sheets for Raffaello, 1/20
  7. Wafer sheets for Baton sticks and bars, 1/20
  8. Edible cups
  9. Honey cake crusts
  10. Sweet pink cake crusts
  11. Pink cake crusts
  12. Ground biscuits


Having Haas industrial equipment for wafer sheets production, our goal in the future is to expand existing production to industrial production of bars and cream wafers (about 120 tons per month).

Quality control of the products is performed by Center for Hygiene and Human Ecology, Institute of Public Health Uzice.

Our main motto is: quality in the first place.

Production is HACCP certified.

Today, products of „MB“ Company can be found in the stores all over Serbia. We also export our products to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Monthly capacity of Haas industrial equipment is 120.000 pcs.

If you are interested in purchasing and distribution of our products, feel free to contact us.